1. The encouragement given by parents to their wards will be a great contribution that they can make towards their educational achievements..

  2. Parents are requested to visit the school on prescribed days to meet the Principal and teachers to discuss the progress of their wards.This will substantially compliment their efforts at home..

  3. The school does not encourage children to be taken early or brought late to the school. In case it is unavoidable, the parents must make a note to the class teacher. While taking a child early from the school, a permission note must be collected from the Class teacher/The Principal

  4. Parents should regularly check the school diary and countersign the remarks if any,entered therein.

  5. Ensure that your child comes to school neatly dressed and maintains the dress code prescribed for them.

  6. Parents are requested to inform the school if the child is unwell. In the event of contagious diseases, Parents are advised to keep the child at home

  7. Criticism of the teachers of the school in the presence of students should be avoided.Legitimate complaints should be brought to the notice of the Principal.

  8. Excursions are part of education. Encourage your child to avail of this facility as it develops team spirit, co-operation and leadership among the children.

  9. The school expects your whole hearted participation in all the school functions and work shops conducted by the school in the interest of your child.

  10. Private tutions are discouraged.It generally reduces self confidence and initiative and encourages laziness.

  11. Children should take care of their belongings .It is advised that every article should bear the name of its owner.

  12. Kindly ensure that your child sets aside time for school work daily. You are requested not to create an atmosphere of stress at home as regards to academic pursuits. How ever, you are most welcome to discuss any point pertaining to the child with the Principal or the respective teacher after consulting the Principal..